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The Secret to Make-In

The most romantic
dinner spot in town.
No reservations required.

The secret to Make-In

The official secret sauce of make-in.

Just because you’re staying in doesn’t mean tonight is going to be boring. Get ready to take your tastebuds on a whirlwind trip far east of ordinary with HOUSE OF TSANG® sauces.

Now, Thursday is #Stirsday – the night that stirs it all up.

It used to be the most ho-hum night of the week. But now that you’re stir-frying with HOUSE OF TSANG® sauces, you’re celebrating #Stirsday. Here’s where you’ll discover the hottest happenings to spice up what’s now the coolest day of the week.

@TsangSauce: Last episode of #Stirsday airs tomorrow and @TastedCahnnel cooked up a crazy one. Don't miss it:
@TsangSauce: Sometimes Tuesdays can be worse than Mondays. Spice up your week w/ @TsangSauce
@TsangSauce: Little known fact:@TsangSauce bottles make great mics. Sing & sauce the night away w/@NBCTheVoice & some stir-fry
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Add some zing to your Tsang sauce.

Plenty of ways to take away more from your make-in experience.

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